The Earls Terrace Gardens are a hidden gem, providing a private and serene space for residents and families. The gardens offer a peaceful escape from the busy city, and are the perfect spot to unwind and bask in the sun on a warm day.

Earls Terrace Front Garden

The private formal front garden is part of Edwardes Square Garden and features colourful flower beds and picturesque views on a half acre plot. The tree lined garden offers noise and light protection from Kensington High Street and enhances the privacy for residents. With green views out most windows, residents can enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by nature without leaving their home.

Earls Terrace front garden

Individual Rear Gardens

Each residence has its own private garden, measuring approximately 22 feet by 90 feet (7 meters by 27 meters). These gardens are well-established, featuring mature trees and lush greenery. They offer residents their own private oasis to enjoy, perfect for relaxing, entertaining guests with a BBQ and allowing the children to play. The individual gardens provide a serene and inviting atmosphere for residents to enjoy.

For us, Earls Terrace has been a luxurious and discreet Georgian haven within steps of Holland Park, Kensington Gardens and much more.
Resident since 2005
Earls Terrace private front garden provides aesthetic value and a natural protective barrier, keeping the homes quiet and peaceful
Edwardes Square Key Garden hosts a variety of different roses that are meticulously maintained and fragrantly bloom throughout the summer
The Serpentine, a 40-acre recreational lake in Hyde Park, is within a short walking distance of Earls Terrace

Edwardes Square Garden

Edwardes Square Key Garden is a private 3 acre garden located directly behind the residences. The garden is open to qualifying owners of surrounding homes who have exclusive access to the lush greenery and well-manicured lawns. The Georgian-style garden is surrounded by beautiful townhouses, and is a peaceful oasis in the heart of Kensington. Features include:

  • Lawn tennis court (seasonal)

  • Croquet

  • 1/4 mile pathway within the garden

  • Rose garden

  • Children’s play area with swings, hanging bars and a small play house

  • Lawns and benches / seating

Earls Terrace with 3-acre Edwardes Square Key Garden

Garden Events

The Edwardes Square Key Garden is cared for by the Edwardes Square Garden Committee, made up of key holders who maintain and enhance the garden. They also host social events for key holders, such as the below, giving residents a chance to connect with their neighbors and enjoy the garden's festivities in beautiful surroundings.

  • Guy Fawkes bonfire & fireworks party

  • Residents drinks party

  • Summer dinner / dance party (every two years)

  • Children’s party / family day

  • Open garden square day for National Gardens Scheme

A small, quiet one-way road surrounds Edwardes Square Key Garden
We've prized the lush garden views to the front and rear of the Terrace, including those of the award-winning Edwardes Square Garden, a 3-acre jewel complete with stunning landscaping, grass lawn tennis court, children's playground and festive garden parties and events year-round. A great place to enjoy a tranquil morning coffee or evening drink with friends.
Resident since 2005
Earls Terrace private front garden features gas street lighting and that helps illuminate the historic homes each evening
The shared gardens include roses, hydrangeas, lilacs and other flowering plants that bloom in spring and summer

Earls Terrace
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